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The exhibition "Europe with Us" is dedicated to Mário Soares' thinking about Europe and the European project, his actions to further the project and his labour on behalf of the process through which Portugal joined the European Communities.

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Mário Soares was a resolute Europeanist. Throughout his life, under the dictatorship and in democracy, he thought, pondered, wrote and debated about Europe and about Portugal’s role in Europe. After the 25th of April, 1974, as part of the first electoral campaign for the Assembly of the Republic held in democracy, Mário Soares made certain that one of the Socialist Party political program’s top priorities was for Portugal to become a member of the European Communities. The slogan for this campaign – A Europa Connosco, “Europe with Us” – went down in history, as did the great popular participation in the streets and in rallies that took place all over the country. The great figures of European democracies came to Portugal and, at Mário Soares’ side, lent their support to this goal.

Following the Socialist Party’s victory in the elections, it was Mário Soares who, as Prime Minister of the First Constitutional Government, formally submitted, in 1977, Portugal’s application for accession to the European Communities. Eight years later, on June 12th, 1985, he signed the treaty by which the country joined the Communities. Assuming that accession was a fundamental priority for the construction of a democratic, modern and developed Portugal, Mário Soares was a decisive figure in all that complex and lengthy process.

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